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2005 in cities

Trivia: Jan 11, 2006

  • Today in history: 1935 Amelia Earhart began solo trip across Pacific—1861 Alabama seceded from Union—1949 Construction on first US mosque began

  • News of the weird: CINCINNATI, OH—A woman was left sitting in front of a TV for two years after she died. (AP)

  • Strange fact: China produces more than 60 billion chopsticks a year.

  • Daily quote: Dance is the hidden language of the soul.—Martha Graham

  • Daily word: serf—a peasant, a worker bound to his master

  • Daily trivia: A decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. Then what’s 10 meters? (Dekameter)

  • Celebrity birthdays: Naomi Judd (60)—Mary J. Blige (35)—Amanda Peet (34)