My power went out last night
Weirdness of a Tuesday morn

And damn, does it suck to be at work today

Nothing happening. Most of our clients are closed today, so while we likely will get a few samples in here and there, it’s mostly dead otherwise.

The highlight of my day will be a trek to SEA to pick up Katharine on her return from a long weekend away. This will be the highlight not just because it marks Kat’s return to the Puget Sound area, but also because it means I get to leave work a couple hours early.

Also, as per frequent practice when one of us travels, we’ll likely go from the airport to a restaurant for dinner and drinks and catching up on the weekend news and events. She gets in early enough, in fact, that it’ll be Happy Hour if we play our cards right.

Woo. At least there’s something fun going on today. :-)