Links: Feb 10, 2006
As falls Wichita

Trivia: Feb 11, 2006

  • Today in history: 1847 Thomas Alva Edison born—1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin signed Yalta Agreement

  • News of the weird: NEW YORK, NY—Fortune cookies with XXX-rated messages were mistakenly served at a political fund-raising dinner. (AP)

  • Strange fact: The average salary in the NBA is $4.2 million; in the NFL, $1.4 million.

  • Daily quote: Having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night is a very old human need.Margaret Mead

  • Daily word: detach—to separate one part from a larger form, to remove

  • Daily trivia: Former NFL MVP Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams played for what college? (Northern Iowa)

  • Celebrity birthdays: Sheryl Crow (42)—Jennifer Aniston (36)—Brandy (26)