Links: Feb 16, 2006

Friday-morning randomness

If Sleep Country USA’s annual radio advertisements are to be believed, the only thing that changes from year to year in the mattress industry is the fabric coverings, so why pay more?

I’m wondering why the mattress industry bothers to claim model years if it’s true they only change fabrics.

That’d be like La-Z-Boy declaring a new model year each time they changed the upholstery.

I wonder, for that matter, if recliners even have model years.

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I have decided that Starbucks’ sippy lids are not intended specifically to contain the beverage and make for controlled sips while you are driving or walking or otherwise engaged in activity that makes holding a cup of coffee remotely dangerous.

No, these lids with their small sippy holes are really meant to create more powerful streams of steaming hot beverage when you bobble the cup slightly as you climb into your car.

I actually got Starbucks on my car’s ceiling this morning.

:: • :: • :: • :: • ::

My power went out for five minutes this morning. At 06:27 there was this odd screeching sound and the lights and clocks and everything else went out immediately. The cats perked up and rushed to the window, and a few seconds later there was another screech-from-hell, which noise caused both cats to revert to FLIGHT MODE!!! and bound backward out of the room.

Lights back on with absolutely no fanfare at 06:32, and all the clocks (stove, microwave, coffee maker, alarm clock, bedroom stereo) starting their plaintive blinking:

12:00 --:-- 12:00 --:-- 12:00 --:-- . . . .

I’m glad I hadn’t set the coffee maker to start automatically this morning. Otherwise I might have been denied the chance to spritz my car’s ceiling with triple grande non-fat no-whip white chocolate mocha.

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It’s windy and cold here, and just like in summer how people start bursting into flames if the temperature rises above 75°, they flash-freeze when it gets below 40°. The news is endless wind-chill this and record-cold that and oh my God don’t let your pets freeze because it might actually be in the 20s or low 30s tonight. Oh, and there isn’t much moisture in this front that’s moving down from Alberta, but there is ever so slightly a chance of snow flurries, and several of the school districts have actually announced that they will not close because of the cold. Unless it snows.

The way weather gets news coverage here, you’d think everyone grew up in a sterile temperature-controlled bubble in a laboratory somewhere.