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World records in my back yard

In today’s Weird Product Samples Based On Previous Purchases

Book cover: ‘Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do...’Katharine ordered Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do and What To Do About It from and when the book arrived yesterday, it included a 0.5-ounce sample of Ultra Clear Degree for Men deodorant (warning: “CHECK OUT THE ACTION INSIDE—IF YOU DARE!” with motorcycle-action shot!!!).

The sample is packaged in a sealed plastic over-wrap depicting a stick of Degree deodorant with the cap raised above the product, supported by a beam of the product’s unbelievable effectiveness—this is depicted by a bright blue beam emanating from the top of the deodorant stick.

Within the blue beam is a legend that reads, typos and all:

For Risk Takers . . .
its the scent of telling your boss
he has not had an original idea
since the late 80's

Below and to the right of the stick-beam legend is a smaller platitude:

For men who do take risks,
it won’t let you down.

The back of the package includes a three-step set of DIRECTIONS FOR USE, because the stick has a cap to cover the product and also a mechanical dial that raises the product out of the stick proper. It’s important users know they have to twist the dial first, and replace the cap last.

They don’t tell you to remove the cap prior to twisting the dial. That part must be obvious; it’s the replacement that confounds users.

From this package, we may glean:

  1. Women don’t buy management-technique books for themselves. They buy these books for their husbands/boyfriends/male coworkers only.
  2. Men who do not take risks will be let down by Ultra Clear Degree for Men.
  3. Unilever needs better copy editors.