Links: Feb 19, 2006
And damn, does it suck to be at work today

My power went out last night

My cable went out first, and then my power went out a few minutes later.

No wind last night so I’ve no idea the cause. As usual, the moment the lights went out, my first thoughts were “I could do laundry”—I already was doing laundry, my cottons load was just about finished spinning out—but instead I stumbled around to find the lighter so I could fire up a couple candles. At first I thought this outage would be like the one Friday morning but when I was 30 minutes into it, I figured it was close enough to bedtime that I’d crawl into bed and wait for sleep to overtake me.

Power came back on as I was climbing the stairs. Waited a few minutes to see if things were stable before I started the washing machine to finish its spin and transfer the load to the dryer, the better to have dry sox for work today.

My cable was still out by the time I drifted off a little after midnight, and my Internet connection is being wonky even now—modem keeps losing its signal and taking a few minutes to re-sync, most annoying. I’m off to work shortly, however, so perhaps the signal will stabilize today whilst I’m not here to use it.

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So, yeah. Happy Presidents’ Day. Our next work holiday is Memorial Day, but at least I’ll have the advantage of almost no traffic on my commute today anyway.