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No Summer Concert Series in 2006

Hmm, this disappoints me. I hadn’t seen a performance line-up or anything, and I only attended one show in last year’s series, but I’m sorry to see it won’t even be an option this year:

Seattle Times: One Reel cancels this year’s Summer Nights concert series

One Reel, the producers of the popular Summer Nights concert series, has canceled it for this year. The series, which was slated to be relocated to Seattle’s Gas Works Park this summer, had run into neighborhood opposition amid concerns about parking, traffic and restricted use of the park.

A neighborhood group, Friends of Gas Works Park, sued the city and One Reel, alleging that the city violated state law by bypassing an environmental review process.

A statement from One Reel official Sheila Hughes said that One Reel had run out of time to produce the series, and would try again to produce it at Gas Works in 2007.

The series took place at the downtown waterfront for 13 years, on Pier 62/63. It moved to South Lake Union last year.

Though I do understand and support the Gas Works area neighborhoods’ concerns about parking and traffic. Most of those streets are barely wide enough for the people who live there; adding a few thousand concertgoers into the mix a time or two per week and without planning adequately for it, well, that was just asking for trouble.