Links: Feb 14, 2006
Also, the earworm


Sasha told Katharine yesterday that one of the children who was about during the move Sunday has chickenpox, and had we both had it because if not we were going to get it.

I had chickenpox when I was in first or second grade. Mine was a fairly mild case; I know I was out of school for several days and I remember taking several baths in oatmeal and being rubbed down many times with calamine lotion to relieve the itching. That was about the extent of it for me.

But my mom had not been exposed to chickenpox at sufficient levels to contract the disease in childhood, and she contracted a raging case as mine was winding down. We have photographs of her face with small chickenpox sores of such quantity that the sores had their own sores. She was miserable and still glares at me when we remember with some humor the horror of those days when the itching and the sores and general malaise just would not stop for her.

Of course I’m chuckling as I write this. I should find the one classic photo of her in the depths of the suffering, because nearly 30 years later it offers much humor after the ducking to avoid the hitting.

Anyway, I mention this because purely by happenstance I noticed yesterday morning that I was in the initial stages of what I hope will be a mild and rapidly passing cold. I know this isn’t chickenpox because it’s so rare for anyone to get that disease more than once, and I’m not worried about shingles. Also if I was just exposed on Sunday, I’d still be nearly a week and a half away from frank symptoms, and while sore throat is one symptom of chickenpox, I don’t have a fever nor am I feeling generally sick. All I’ve had so far is the mild throat twinge and I experienced several spates of sneezing, and last night my right nostril was completely congested.

Usually when just one side of my face feels congested I sleep terribly, but that wasn’t the case overnight; I woke up feeling pretty good. Throat’s still a bit tender but whatever this is, I hereby declare it to be mild and short-lived. This is largely because I may be on an airplane late next week and I do NOT want to fly with any illness leaking off me. Flying is annoying enough; no need to add soreness or sneezeness or whatever infirmity to it.