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Links: Feb 24, 2006

Quiet town, this Denver

Once more I am struck by how uncrowded the downtown streets are on a business day. I’ve encountered no traffic by car or on foot as I’ve moved about the city.

Made a short jaunt up Curtis to Broadway, I-25 northbound, off at 58th Avenue to the Denver Merchandise Mart, and back to I-25 southbound for the return trip into downtown so I could wander the 16th Street Mall and other areas on foot. No traffic slowdowns at all, no gridlock or even heavy vehicle loads in the downtown streets, cars moving smoothly through the area.

Kinda strange. The Denver-Aurora metro area has about 2.8 million people but downtown Denver seems almost half ghost town, even midday.

Reminds me of Salt Lake that way, where “rush hour” lasts about 12 minutes and the heaviest traffic might mean delays of a few minutes here and there, presuming you can’t find an alternate route easily.