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Today, just because

Awake at 04:39. No noises or otherwise startling experience this morning, just slowly became aware that I was not asleep and when I looked at the clock, it shone merrily across the land, its bright digits shouting silently:


I was smart, though, and set up my coffee maker to start automatically today. It’s not due to brew for another 90+ minutes, however, so shortly I’ll be wandering downstairs to start the thing manually once more.

I could set the brew cycle to start at 05:00 and keep the coffee warm for up to four hours. This would be nice because I like waking up to the smell of brewing coffee. However, my coffee maker is officially From Hell because it signals the end of the brew cycle with four tones sampled directly from the sound made by the banshees of Irish lore, and there is no way to turn off that signal short of creative snipping at the wires, which I am reluctant to do.

So it’s a trade-off. Slow summoning to wakefulness by the lovely aroma of hot liquid caffeine followed by a jolting BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP shortly after 05:00 and hoping I can drift off again until 07:00ish, or set th damned thing for 07:00 and turn it on manually anyway if I happen to wake earlier.

Tomorrow I’m off to Denver for the weekend; flight departs SEA midafternoon. I was kinda hoping that if I was going to wake absurdly early this week, it would be Thursday morning, so I could get to work by say 06:15 or 06:30 and still work most of a full 8-hour day anyway, but I see my internal clock isn’t cooperating.

More likely, though, it’s a preview of tomorrow morning. I should set the coffee maker for 05:00 tomorrow; that’ll pretty much guarantee that I’ll be out like a light until the HELL BEEPS signal cardiac arrest.