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Links: Feb 22, 2006

World records in my back yard

I live maybe a quarter-mile from House of Bread’s Mill Creek location. I buy bread there a time or two each month, walk past several times each month on my way to Starbucks or Central Market or the University Bookstore, inSpa, whatever.

I hadn’t heard about this at all until a story on KOMO 1000 this morning on my way to work, and then I saw this online:

Seattle Times: Bakery’s roll sets world record

Mill Creek House of Bread’s record-setting cinnamon roll
Mill Creek House of Bread staffers—from left, nutritionist Julia Ackerson; owners Anita Warren and Wayne Warren; head baker Amy Shay; roll roller Lisa Rosted; and baker Sarah Blau—stand with their world-record cinnamon roll. The bakery sold pieces of the roll for charity.
The Mill Creek House of Bread has risen to a Guinness world record.

Bakery co-owner Wayne Warren received a certificate Feb. 10 proclaiming the House of Bread a record holder with its 246½-pound cinnamon roll baked and served in October. Warren said there’s no guarantee Guinness will publish the record in its 2007 book. But he is hopeful because of an e-mail he received from Guinness last week asking for a photo for possible inclusion in the company’s book, he said.

“I’m excited about that,” he said.

Bakery workers plan to roll up their sleeves and bake another giant pastry July 8 for the Mill Creek Festival. This one won’t be documented for a record attempt, however.

“We served about 1,000 pieces of the record roll, so I figure we can do that again,” Warren said. “They’re certainly good.”

The bakery sold pieces of the record-setting roll and gave proceeds to Hopelink, a social-service agency that operates six food banks.

Though Warren doesn’t have immediate plans to seek another record, he said he would try to reclaim the cinnamon-roll record if somebody topped it.

Warren plans to mount the certificate and display it in the bakery with photos of the record-setting roll.