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Links for 2006-06-13

It’s baaaaaack. . . .

It was silent for two weeks but it returned this morning.

“It” is a commenter using the name Michael Manfredi. I first encountered this commenter on my May 23 “By the numbers” posting, again on the May 24 “Memory lapses” entry. Then the quiet period until today.

A Google search for “Michael Manfredi” returns links to, among others,

  • an apparently well-regarded New York-based architect
  • a Maryland-based Realtor
  • a youth indoor soccer player in Las Vegas
  • a Wake Forest 2005 football wide receiver
  • a New York pediatrician

According to my server logs, the person at the IP addresses from which “Michael Manfredi’s” comments originated uses a Mac OS X machine with Firefox 1.5.0.x at 1280x1024 resolution. The IP addresses identify as Qwest.net pool addresses in Bremerton, WA (first comment IP address; second IP address), which by itself leads me to believe my buddy “Michael” is none of the persons noted above. I like architecture and college football, might give those Michaels and me something to talk about. Medicine’s an interesting topic though I’ve no background in it, and I don’t much care about real estate or youth soccer, so those three Michaels and I wouldn’t do much else but stare at each other.

No, I think this person is someone I know but not well enough to recognize the writing style, hence the busting of the chops. I can’t imagine some total stranger wasting his time in such a manner, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it shakes out.

Whoever he is, he sure does like my site, in his charming little “damn your site sucks” way. How else to explain nearly 200 repeat visits logged from that IP address since his first appearance in late May?

So welcome back, “Michael.” And stick around, you’re by far my most amusing hater.