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On Vox: QotD: But It Tastes Good!

When I was a kid in Salt Lake City, we had Winder Dairy home delivery service for milk once a week. At the holidays we would order egg nog and chocolate milk and various other products specific to the holiday season. One of our big indicators for the holidays was when the Winder Dairy truck started leaving more than just the standard gallon-size bottles of milk behind and sometimes the deliveries would go from once a week to twice or even three times depending on what we were ordering.

I was a major fan of their chocolate milk. It was thick and rich and way too strong to be drunk straight from the bottle. I usually thinned it about 1:1 with regular milk and even though it was cold at the end of November and through December, it didn’t matter, because the yummy chocolate flavor warmed up the world.

So one year when we had a holiday party at the house, we kids were just floating around being inconspicuous (we were good at that) and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen because that’s where the chocolate milk was. Turns out it was also where the sweet pickles were, and so my meal that night consisted of miniature sweet pickles and chocolate milk.

Heavenly. I got a lot of weird looks when people wandered in to get more ice or whatever but I didn’t care. It was a flavor and texture and temperature combination that brought the entire holiday season into specific physical reality and it rocked my world.

Now of course the very idea of it makes me cringe a bit and I can’t think of anything weirder than that in the years since.


What are your favorite weird food combinations?
Submitted by Dulce.

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On Vox: QotD: Best Day

I have always liked Thursday because it meant Friday was just around the corner, and the weekend easily in sight. That was mostly when I was in school though; now, and especially since I’ve been working a midnight-to-8am shift for a few weeks, Friday is my favorite day because it’s the first day of what ends up being a nearly 3-day weekend every weekend. What with the wacko weekend sleep schedules and all.


What is your favorite day of the week?

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Songs grouped “Fave”

All of the songs in this playlist are tagged Fave using the Grouping field, another attempt to allow greater flexibility in my iTunes Smart Playlists.

These are favorites for many reasons. Some of them I like because they remind me of friends and family, or of good times over the last 20 years or so. Others I like simply for the songs themselves.

Listed in the order they’re shuffling through my headphones right now:

About music sharing

Music I’m willing to share is linked directly from this page. No link, no sharing—don’t email asking for files.

Song — Artist, Album

  1. Spirit Voices — Paul Simon, The Rhythm of the Saints
  2. Windmills — Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dulcinea
  3. Signe — Eric Clapton, Unplugged
  4. Always — Steve Winwood, One and Only Man (CD single)
  5. Here’s Where the Story Ends — The Sundays, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
  6. Jezebel — 10,000 Maniacs, Our Time in Eden
  7. Homecoming (Walter’s Song) — Vienna Teng, Warm Strangers
  8. Snow — Grey Eye Glances, Eventide
  9. Wall of Silence — October Project, October Project
  10. Anna Rose — Vienna Teng, Warm Strangers

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So predictable

Figures that on a day I knew I’d be getting short sleep anyway—I’ve a business dinner engagement in half an hour—the world went out of its way to play the Symphony of Life at volume 11:

  • Carpet cleaners at work in one of the townhouses south of me. Their enormous Vac-U-Van, that type of large vehicle-mounted industrial vacuum, has been running loudly behind the houses for a couple hours now.
  • Boisterous pickup game(s) of basketball in the play area across the parking lot.
  • It’s Trash Day, one of a days each week the bins are emptied, so the Dumpster Trains have been rumbling this way and that since I got home at 10:30. Also a lot of clanging of enclosure doors and then the whining/rumble of the compactor 75 yards away across the parking lot.
  • Some dipshit’s car alarm has been going off about every 7 minutes for a couple days now. It’s one of those alarms with multiple soundtracks, sirens and whoops and horn-honk sounds and so on. If it were a single tone I could ignore it.
  • Various low-flying aircraft at different parts of the day.

I shoulda brought home the noise-canceling headphones they gave me at work. But then Annie probably would’ve chewed through the cord....

On Vox: QotD: Repeat After Me...

I’ve had people mispronounce my name in a couple of fairly stupid ways.

My name, for the record (and it case it isn’t obvious from the URLs), is Don Nunn. Very easy.

When I was a kid, the most common mispronunciation of my name was “Dunn” for my last name. People just liked the D sound, it seemed, so I’d be addressed as “Donald Dunn” (I didn’t start using Don regularly until my early teens). No problem mostly, until my orthodontist made the same dipshit mistake one day and proceeded to adjust my braces based on another patient’s X-rays even though I told him he had the wrong patient file out. That was a fun time.

Over the last 15 or 20 years, the most common mispronunciation has been my last name as “Noon”—somehow the plethora of Ns and utter lack of diacritics leads people to a long U sound. No idea how they manage that.

I’ve also had my share of “Dan” and “Dean” and a few “Ron” goofs of my first name over the years.


How have people mispronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
Submitted by Lorie.

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I’ll bet she didn’t need the coffee after this Bear outside window startles woman—and vice versa

MAPLEWOOD, New Jersey (AP)—The last thing Lorraine Grossman expected to see as she gazed out the kitchen window of her daughter’s home was a 211-pound bear.

“I was making a pot of coffee, and I turned around and there he was in the window looking at me,” said Grossman. “For a minute I didn’t realize there was a glass between him and me.”

The scream Grossman let out was loud enough to startle the wandering bear, who turned tail and scurried some 40 feet up a tree.

More than 50 neighbors gathered to watch and the beast soon grew tired. As the bear gave a lazy yawn, the crowd cooed loudly in appreciation.

“He’s really kind of cute,” Joanne Penaluna said.

The bear remained wedged in a web of branches until it was shot with a tranquilizer dart Sunday. The bear hung on for 10 minutes before dropping neatly into a taut net set up below.

The bear, a male estimated to be 2 or 3 years old, was released at a state wildlife-management area.

“It’s not something you get to see every day,” said Pete Samek, who hoisted his 5-year-old daughter, Lucy Rose, on his shoulders. “Bears falling out of trees.”

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On Vox: QotD: The Best Brew

I have a Mr. Coffee drip maker I use most often. I buy coffee beans by the pound and grind them as needed, measure roughly by sight to the amount of coffee I want to make, and off I go.

I also have a coffee press I use sometimes. I have to gauge a heavier grind for it, of course, with its permanent screen filter that lets the usual slightly finer grind I use with the drip. It makes a damned fine cup, just enough to fill this enormous Mickey Mouse mug I got at Disneyland in 2005.

For some reason I haven’t made coffee for family or friends with the press. I’ve held it close to the chest, maybe because then I’d end up working the press all the time and never getting to drink any of it! ;-)


What method do you use to prepare your coffee or tea?
Submitted by AgentBouche.

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About halfway through the graveyard

So I think because I talked about how I had been somewhat adjusted to being awake until the roosters started crowing, I actually zonked out just after 03:00 and stayed in bed fairly late Sunday morning. Finally shook loose a bit after 11:00, which means as I approach the halfway point of this first 00:00-08:00 shift I’ve been awake almost 16 hours. That amount of wakefulness is pretty usual for me most days—often I sleep only five or six hours a night.

I’m thinking of trying out the schedule proposed by the nurses at St. Mark’s Hospital, though the idea of being on my weird little 24-hour rotation while most of my friends and family have a slightly more regular day-and-night cycle is a bit odd. But the 14:00-22:00 sleep hours they suggest would fit best for some of the other plans I have for myself in the next several months and possibly years.

Oh, the tribulations. I guess, though, when I’m only halfway into the first night of this shift isn’t a time to ponder how I might change my own hours. At first I plan to go with however my mind reacts and sleep when I’m tired. Julie Anne gave me an eye mask and I have decent blinds to block the light so I’m hoping initially I’ll slide into a routine of some sort and adapt to it rapidly.

I haven’t even yawned once yet tonight. Good sign. (Also probably jinxed!)

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Schedule adjustment should be easy

Right now I’m working a swing shift, Sunday through Thursday, 18:00 to 02:00 PST. I started this shift on Jan 01 so I could work hours closer to the schedule I was actually hired to cover, and so I could concentrate on the site-building and troubleshooting procedures that will form the bulk of my day-to-day work existence when I assume my designated hours.

That actual-shift switch happens this weekend. Starting Monday I’ll be working my designated shift of Mon-Fri 00:00-08:00. I’ll arrive at work in the middle of the night—well, actually late evening in my view of the cycle of light and dark that makes up the days—and I’ll arrive home as the sun begins its crawl across the sky.

The last time I worked a swing or graveyard shift was in 199...1, maybe 1992, when I was still working at Kmart in Salt Lake City. I worked graveyard shifts for a period of a few weeks at a time on more than one occasion, usually as part of a prep team to get ready for annual inventory or when the stores in the Salt Lake area were undergoing major renovations and needed help with last-minute setup and training requirements to meet their grand re-opening deadlines. Each time I worked a stretch of graves, it took a few days or a week at most to adjust to the flip-flopped hours and a similar time to adjust back to the regular light/dark schedule when the shift work ended.

Now I find myself 15 or 16 years later on a graveyard shift that begins in five days, and I’ve been living the graveyard-shift sleep schedule for about a week now. On this 18:00-02:00 schedule I usually arrive home between 02:30 and 02:45, sometimes as late as 03:00. For the first couple weeks I could walk in the door, start up the stairs to the bedroom, shuck off clothes as I walked, do the before-bed ablutions, and fall into bed immediately (well, perhaps with 10 or 15 minutes of relaxing) to sleep.

Tonight I got home at 02:49 and I’m wide awake. I already tried lying down to see if maybe I’d doze off into slumbering bliss but I’m still a bit keyed up from the workday. Same thing happened last night, and the night before that. Each time I didn’t even feel remotely tired until after 06:00, and I woke between 09:30 and 10:45.

Saturday night I did crash somewhat hard, and at about 22:45. I was out like a freaking LIGHT, in fact—I don’t really remember climbing into bed, just waking up there several hours later and thinking, huh, I wonder when I got here? That happens sometimes, I’ll go weeks on some weird-ass schedule of short sleep and then a weekend will roll around where I lose almost a whole day to some odd catch-up thing that annoys me, because I know it doesn’t work.

Maybe I should get one of those eye shields, the kind that look like a Lone Ranger mask without the eyeholes. Also I should consider banishing the cats to another part of the house, though even they look at me askance when I’m up until the early morning while they’re trying to sleep. And I’ve adjusted them to an afternoon feeding schedule anyway so they rarely wake me up anymore.

Ah well. Mostly now I’m just rambling, but if you have any suggestions for avoiding the short-sleep-and-weekend-crash cycle once I’m on the regular graveyard shift next week, I’m all eyes.

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So THAT’S how she decides

We were on our way to work tonight. Katharine was telling me about some errands she had run yesterday afternoon/evening, among them a stop for gas at a 76 station with an attached convenience store.

“I didn’t see anyone inside,” she said, recounting how she glanced into the store from the gas pumps and there was no clerk, no customers, no one at all visible moving around. “I mean, what if I went inside and found the clerk lying there dead?”

“Did you need to go inside?” I asked. I was thinking, she probably wanted a Diet Coke, and her desire was quashed by the fear of death.

Because yeah, that would suck if all you wanted was a candy bar and your shopping excursion was ruined by a crime scene.

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