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Frites Belgian Fries in flux

My good friends Corey and Derek are in the process of moving Corey’s business, Frites Belgian Fries, from its location on 10th and Pike (attached to Neumos). They haven’t landed quite yet but will be announcing name, location, and hours soon.

In the meantime, you can reach them by email with questions about the move: fritesbelgianfries at gmail dot com.

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On Vox: QotD: Jury Duty

In... what, must have been 1998 or 1999, maybe 2000, I was chosen to serve on a jury for a DUI case.

Jury duty involved a full week of what amounted to on-call duty. Each night, we called a number and listened to a recording to find out if our jury pool actually had to do anything. The first two nights, nothing; the third night, the recording told me to be at the Salt Lake County government complex the next morning for the jury questionnaire and selection process.

Showed up early to make sure I could find parking, filled out roughly 3,000 forms, and joined the other members of my jury pool in an empty courtroom where we went through the first phase of the selection process. It was pretty vanilla, the usual questions about did we think we could render a fair opinion based solely on the facts presented, had any of us ever been fired from a job for poor performance, and did any of us have DUI records.

Then the attorneys stepped up and rattled off their preemptive dismissals in several cases, and used their explicit acceptances (I have no idea what the term for those is) in others. I was chosen explicitly by both attorneys. It was an 8-person panel with an alternate.

We broke for lunch. I had Subway from the location across the street.

Returned to the courtroom where we actually were seated in the jury box, had just been sworn in and the attorneys had made their opening statements, when suddenly the judge called a recess and 20 minutes later we were dismissed. They’d come to a plea agreement.

$17 for my time. I was lucky my employer made up the difference for my standard 8-hour day’s pay.


Have you ever served on a jury? What was your experience?
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