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Parking-lot idiocy

First two TiVo casualties of the new season

Each year I give most of the broadcast networks’ new shows at least a passing glance. TiVo makes this easy, I don’t have to hold to the broadcast schedules but can view a show at my leisure—very handy this year with the graveyard shift.

So as the new season begins, my TiVo experiences a flurry of recording activity that rapidly pares down to the few shows I may actually track through an entire season or beyond.

Two weeks into the season, already two shows are out of my rotation.

Last week, saw the first episode of FOX’s new show K-Ville. Cops in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. I actually saw the entire first episode but had canceled the season pass by the 20-minute mark. Not a bad show, I suppose, but didn’t hold my interest at all. The New Orleans survival-after-the-disaster angle wasn’t enough to make this anything more than a formulaic buddy-cop procedural.

Today’s victim was the new CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. I believe it was meant to be a comedy, anyway, because of the canned laughter that followed most utterances by the cast. None of these utterances was remotely funny, however. Pilot episode and season pass deleted 12 minutes in.