White Boxer!

...and we’re back

Got back late last night.

Initial observations on return from the land of la-la to the real world, in no particular order:

  • No less than four light fixtures lost light bulbs while I was gone.
  • Coffee maker greeted me with 12:00 --:-- 12:00 --:-- 12:00, maybe power flicker blew the bulbs too?
  • Three of the four blown bulbs were in fixtures that were not turned on while I was gone. Hmm.
  • I hab a code which oberdite flared to life and is kicking by ass dis bording. Voice gone bye-bye. Dabbit!
  • My TiVo read the tea leaves while I was gone and filled its Suggestions list with travel-related programming, much of it in Spanish.

I will be writing up some of my experiences from our 10 days in Florida and publishing them over the next few days, but back-dated to the day(s) they originally happened, to reflect their various states of “draft” composition at this moment. Also more photos here and on Flickr.