Happy new year! :-)
2007 in IM status messages

Happy new year! (again)

2008 already? Damn!

So much time flown by since I was cringing at the thought of the Year 2000 bug rearing its ugly head at the job I held then. I was at a party with my then fiancée and I’d had to wait for personal festivities to begin so I could handle project coordination in the event of major computer failures—we were operating on blind faith that the cell phones and pagers we relied on to reach the on-call folks would themselves have worked at the stroke of midnight and beyond—but once the 00:20 mark rolled around, we were golden and it was time for me to crack open an adult beverage or several.

Last night was far more sedate. Dinner (chicken and beef fondue with various dipping sauces, and a chocolate fondue for dessert) and the Space Needle fireworks, complete with technical gaffes and mis-timed music, in our Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.

And no hangover!

Already said this, but: Best wishes for success and happiness in the year ahead. :-)