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While I should be working

Don (15:18:21): Kills me that I work at this huge software company, with these enormous data pipes, and a 6MB data copy from here to Ireland is showing over 4 HOURS to complete.
bug (15:19:11): That's ludicrous.. what on *earth* is it being delivered via.. sea slug? :x
Don (15:19:22): :-D
Don (15:19:31): Much better than my yak theory
bug (15:19:49): LOL, you think they've got yaks running the international pipelines?
Don (15:20:08): Knowing this company, and the vagaries of international politics, I wouldn't be at all surprised

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I’m twitching involuntarily at this news

I hates me some bees—one of these days I’ll have to write up the story of the lawnmover-vs.-the-wasps incident at my mom’s house in Salt Lake City. So when I saw this story, I flinched even after I saw it happened two states away!

Seattle Times: Millions of Bees Loose on Calif. Highway

Millions of swarming honey bees are on the loose after a truck carrying crates of the insects flipped over on a California highway.

The California Highway Patrol says 8 million to 12 million bees escaped Sunday from the crates in which they were stored and swarmed over an area of Highway 99 and stung officers, firefighters and tow-truck drivers trying to clear the accident.

CHP Officer Michael Bradley says a tractor-trailer flipped over while entering the highway on its way to Yakima, Wash. The flatbed was carrying bee crates each filled with up to 30,000 bees.

Bradley says several beekeepers driving by the accident stopped to assist in the bee wrangling.

The bees had been used in the San Joaquin Valley to pollinate crops.

(But they were headed to WA, so I suppose if there had to be a crash, better it was in CA than anywhere in my same state)

A hint for you refrigerator/freezer users out there

If, like me, you occasionally make use of the freezer compartment to quick-chill a freshly purchased canned beverage, it will do you well to remember within about 20 minutes that you have placed the canned beverage in the freezer, else you might experience the joys of spontaneous freezer-cleaning.

Case in point:

As I was running some errands this morning, I stopped at Safeway atop Queen Anne Hill for a few groceries. I am a Diet Coke Fiend, Third Class—I aspire to the level of fiendhood Katharine has achieved, but I am light-years out of her league on this—and, in my continuing effort never to buy Diet Coke again, I bought three 12-packs because they were on sale, so I only paid for two. Outrageously paid for them, this bullshit of rising prices and whatnot, but still. Twelve cans free!

But they weren’t chilled, and as usual of late, I had drunk the last can yesterday. So I was craving, which meant fast cooling was a paramount goal, and became my first action after I arrived home with the groceries, ahead even of the mad dash to the bathroom because (also typical for me) what fluids I had consumed this morning had not yet required any relief, as it were. So I was dancing the Call of Nature Quick-Step while I ripped open one of the 12-packs and grabbed two cans and rammed them into the freezer, by which point the Call had retreated somewhat until I was in the midst of stacking several items in the refrigerator. The Call returned with a vengeance, so strong and sudden that I abandoned my immediate task and returned several minutes later to find Flex standing inside the fridge, nosing about the chicken breasts, and clearly trying to figure out how to get away with all the beer.

Cut, then, to about 30 minutes ago. iTunes is happily pumping out songs via AirTunes to the living-room stereo, I can clearly hear rush-hour traffic on nearby Aurora Ave because I have two windows open, and then I hear this muffled sound that at first I mistook for Flex and Annie engaged in a wrestling match, the sound I often hear when Annie pulls off her signature move. The one when she body-slams Flex with such gusto that all the air rushes out of his body so fast that he often emits a charming and convulsively hilarious OW sound, and the THUD of the body slam and the WHOOSH of the air rushing out and the OW combine to a single sound that goes something like


Except it doesn’t sound like that at all, it’s THUDWHOOSHOW, but the


I heard immediately made me think of the cats. But then I saw them both stretched out by the balcony door, mainly because the


made both of them twitch into ALERT FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode, which drew my eye.

Also made me realize the


came from the kitchen.

And then the click of the brain shifting into gear:

Oh shit! The beverages! After three hours!

Opened the freezer, found one can in pieces and bits of Diet Coke slush everyfrickin’where, and the other can bulged ominously. Moved that can to the fridge, where it can warm up just enough to be fully liquid when it explodes, the better to coat every surface evenly. And won’t it be nice when the no-spill shelves capture all that liquid for me?

Also as usual lately, I forgot the damned camera until I’d already cleaned up. I need a webcam built into my eyeglasses, obviously.

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Songs grouped “down” to match the weather

It’s raining lightly in Seattle tonight. Has my mood a bit subdued, a perfect fit for an iTunes playlist that relies on my use of the Grouping info field within iTunes for various keywords or mood words that may apply to a given song. I use space-delimited words, like “down loud road-trip” or something similar, so I can match songs by a mood of sorts and create playlists separate from such basics as rating, play count, or last-played date.

This list is songs not played in the last 24 hours and with the word down in the Grouping field.

Song — Artist, Album

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Non-bindingly obvious

Found out about StrawPoll a couple weeks ago via their Twitter feed. They post a simple poll question, you reply with your answer.

Previous polls included:

  • the now-required “who would win a fight” with Gandalf and Dumbledore as the options—I ignored this poll
  • Would you rather be a rock star or an athlete?
  • Staples or paper clips? (Paper clips for me)

None remotely earth-shattering, nor even requiring much thought, until today’s question I just received by SMS:

Better beer: Shiner Bock (1) or Corona (2)?

Not a fan of either brew, so “better” is an alien concept in this context. They’re both beers I’d choose in situations where the only options were bottled, or the selection was severely limited otherwise, like last month at Harry O’s in Park City—they didn’t have draft beer and Corona was the far least evile of what they did offer.

I answered:

@strawpoll Corona, it’s the lesser of these two eviles

This is the type of thing that passes for a “Sophie’s choice” incident in 2008.

On Vox: QotD: What’s in a Name?

Easy enough. Mine’s my name, donnunn.

I started using my name for most services after I got the domain. Figured if I was going to put anything on that domain, Internet anonymity was out the window, so why even bother with it?

Now, whenever I become aware of a free service that looks like it might become fairly popular, I register the donnunn username on that service whether I intend to use it or not. Best examples are my pages on MySpace and Facebook (though actually I don’t think it really applies for Facebook), both of which I use rarely (and usually only to acknowledge friend requests).

If anyone’s searching for my name on the web, I want it to point to me. Or at least to cause as little confusion as possible.


How did you create your username for VOX? What influenced your decision?
Submitted by Strive2Be.

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