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What really goes on in the halls at Microsoft

Was part of an email thread with one of my coworkers about the identities of my coworkers in a photograph and the movie 10,000 BC (not related, but somehow we were discussing both topics) when the subject shifted abruptly to his recent loss at Nerf Wars.

‎‎Don (16:02): Nerf Wars?
‎‎Zach (16:04): We have a two-day nerf war every month where it's hitman style. You pick 1 person's name and you try to shoot them.
‎‎Don (16:04): oh my GOD what fun
‎‎Zach (16:04): It was end of day Friday where we were in a free for all....
‎‎Don (16:04): You should use the 10,000 BC crossbow
‎‎Zach (16:04): Fucking [redacted] walks up and asks for my picture, how could i say no...ANd i get shot!
‎‎Don (16:04): YARGH
‎‎Zach (16:04): Rigged
‎‎Don (16:05): You should've double-tapped him right there
‎‎Zach (16:05): lol

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A full, rich weekend

This past weekend was one of those unusual times when I was on call for work, family and friends were out of town, some plans I had in the works ended up not happening, and a friend moved. Then Katharine got home from Europe to close everything out.

It was an odd mix of quiet and insane.

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Site housekeepings

A couple changes, either recently made or about to be done.

  • New feed address, so please update your reader if that’s how you find me: Your reader should pick up the new feed location automatically, and if it doesn’t, it’s likely you won’t even see this unless/until it occurs to you to wonder why you haven’t seen anything from my site in a while.
  • Categories going away, in their present form anyway. This isn’t such a big thing for most people; my category pages rarely get viewed directly. But be forewarned.
  • Design futzery. TypePad hosts my site and I have been using their built-in template system for a while now. I’ll be converting it to a free-form template construct sometime in the next few weeks. Shouldn’t affect site operation much beyond the occasional bit of ugliness when I goof something up.

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Salt Lake City’s Avenues Bakery closing Saturday

Damn, one of my favorite neighborhood spots. Though I hadn’t been there in a couple of years, despite being in Salt Lake three or four times each year and driving past the location at E Street and South Temple many times each trip.

Deseret News story after the jump.

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Randomly on the way to work today

  1. Crashed tree in the shoulder on eastbound 520 just before the Lake Washington Blvd entrance. I imagine the tree was being reckless, as young trees are wont to be, and wasn’t properly belted into the vehicle.
  2. HOV lane on eastbound 520 just past 124th Ave NE, a Scion xB in a driver-training company’s livery. Got a bit closer to read the company name:


    Never a more perfect match of company name to business.

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Three days in the life

In chronological order, though I won’t swear to that—even though I’m a complete time-keeping nerdly, I am a bit more casual about it on the weekends:

  1. Saw on Friday that Vienna Teng added a Seattle stop to her tour schedule. Tickets went on sale at 10:00 and I had mine at 10:35, which was about 3 minutes after I saw the tour posting. Playing Sep 04 at the Mainstage at The Triple Door, which happens to be the first place I ever saw her perform live back in 2005. ( event page)
  2. Worked the usual shift Friday, off at 20:00. I’d bought a dozen doughnuts from Top Pot for the weekly meeting my team has and ended up taking half a dozen home with me, evil in a box.
  3. Dinner with my cousin at the downtown Cheesecake Factory. I was out until 01:00 Saturday, getting way too old for that.
  4. Sleep! Glorious sleep! Saturday morning. I hadn’t slept much Thursday night/Friday morning so it was nice not to wake up with the first light of day just after 04:00.
  5. Fairly quiet morning, and then beer, nachos, and Shanghai rummy on the big patio at Redhook. Hot and thirsty work, it was.
  6. Met my friends Derek and Mary Saturday night (at their car, they picked me up) for dinner at Tutta Bella in Wallingford. Delicious pizza, and the salad and flatbread rocked too. We were fighting over the tiramisu at the end, very tasty all around.
  7. I was home a little after 21:00 Saturday. Normally this would have made me feel old, but this weekend it made me feel wonderful—home after two different social engagements! and with 3 hours remaining in the day!—and I celebrated by moving my wine rack from the living room to the front-hall closet. That closet has never been above the mid-60s even on the days my apartment as a whole has hit the low 80s (no air conditioning), so I’ll have better luck with temperature control. Also I won’t run into the rack anymore when I walk between the living room and the kitchen.
  8. Quiet Sunday morning. Caught up on the news programs, read the paper online, similar leisure activities. Ran a couple errands too, and then I grilled chicken for dinner once the propane tank was out of direct sunlight so it would stop going FNOOOOOOOOOOD when I opened the valve because the gas was so warmed up. Lemon pepper chicken and a baked potato the size of all Idaho, and I learnt tonight that baked potatoes hold on to their heat for absurdly long periods. Burnt my tongue twice, dammit.

Are there any myths surrounding the spilling of a quantity of black pepper?

Because I just sent about two ounces of ground black pepper wafting across my kitchen when I was trying to remove the little plug at the base of my pepper shaker to empty out the pepper so I could wash the shaker. Damned little plug WOULD NOT GIVE IT UP, so I yanked.

No sneezing, thank God. But I only wiped up the spill. I didn’t toss any over a shoulder or make any wishes or weave my hands in the air to form any signs to ward off a pox or the like.

And if I need to do that, I need to know pronto!

Damnable iPhone!

Bug (13:35:16): Um.. I hate to say this.. but you really want this phone. :x
Don (13:35:33): NOT HELPING
Bug (13:35:46): I just installed the 2.0 software. :x
Don (13:38:38): If I get an iPhone, I’m almost sure I’d have to call in sick to work for like a week. ;D
Bug (13:39:06): You could practically work from the phone. :x

Flickr find: “lightning through my camera”

lightning through my camera
This woman was leaning out a window with her hand on a metal railing to film a heavy rainstorm when she was struck by lightning.

Her description:

Because you insisted, here’s the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, it went through my left hand holding the camera, crossed my back and exited out of my right hand holding onto the metal railing. No entry or exit wounds, just a really good zap!

“Oh my God!” is SUCH an understatement. :-x

After the aquarium

Flickr photo sharing: After the aquarium
After the aquarium
Flickr: Don Nunn
Spent the early afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium with Katharine, Julie Anne, and Julie Anne’s brother, sister-in-law, and 2-year-old nephew.

Adult-beverage time!

Movie night!

WALL·E posterSaw WALL·E tonight.

GREAT movie. Funny, poignant, amazing animation—the realism at times was utterly striking, in fact the only times I really knew it was an animated film were when the humans of the future were involved.

Digital projection so the image was bright and crisp and the sound bone-shattering at times.

Pixar’s done it again. Definitely not a kids’ movie, which I knew from the trailers—sure they showed many of the funny moments, and yes it’s rated G. Not all G-rated movies are kids’ shows, however, nor are all R-rated movies really only suitable for people 17 and over. I think kids would do fine with this film, but it’s by no means directed at them the way Finding Nemo and Cars and other Pixar shows have been.

And I found it utterly appropriate that the entire movie-going experience involved absolutely no human interaction. Parking-garage entry, movie-ticket purchase and pick-up, parking payment and garage exit: All done by machines.

I’m disregarding the automatons who worked at the theater. They seemed machine-like enough with the ticket-taking (“Second door on the right” ::point::) and concessions (“Four seventy-five, please” ::grab::).

And Presto, the short film before the movie, was AMAZING. Funny as hell and fast-paced, the little rabbit had me in stitches a few times... all for want of a carrot.

Thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Weekend in Salt Lake City

Returned Sunday evening from five days in Salt Lake City, where I grew up and still have family and close friends.

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