Weekend in Salt Lake City
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Movie night!

WALL·E posterSaw WALL·E tonight.

GREAT movie. Funny, poignant, amazing animation—the realism at times was utterly striking, in fact the only times I really knew it was an animated film were when the humans of the future were involved.

Digital projection so the image was bright and crisp and the sound bone-shattering at times.

Pixar’s done it again. Definitely not a kids’ movie, which I knew from the trailers—sure they showed many of the funny moments, and yes it’s rated G. Not all G-rated movies are kids’ shows, however, nor are all R-rated movies really only suitable for people 17 and over. I think kids would do fine with this film, but it’s by no means directed at them the way Finding Nemo and Cars and other Pixar shows have been.

And I found it utterly appropriate that the entire movie-going experience involved absolutely no human interaction. Parking-garage entry, movie-ticket purchase and pick-up, parking payment and garage exit: All done by machines.

I’m disregarding the automatons who worked at the theater. They seemed machine-like enough with the ticket-taking (“Second door on the right” ::point::) and concessions (“Four seventy-five, please” ::grab::).

And Presto, the short film before the movie, was AMAZING. Funny as hell and fast-paced, the little rabbit had me in stitches a few times... all for want of a carrot.

Thoroughly enjoyable evening.