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Triple Door celebrates 5th anniversary

One of my all-time favorite concert venues, I had no idea it was just 5 years old.

Seattle Times article quote after the jump.

Seattle Times: The Triple Door, Seattle’s swanky supper club, celebrates its 5th anniversary

The Bay Area has Yoshi’s. In Portland, it’s Jimmy Mak’s. Seattle’s upscale, sit-down, dine-in concert venue is the Triple Door, and it’s not bragging to say it’s the best of the bunch, and this week marks its fifth anniversary.

Historically speaking, swanky supper clubs are a remnant of America’s Jazz Age in the 1920s. Today’s versions exist somewhere between beer-in-hand nightclub and suit-and-tie concert hall: Luxury and sound quality are paramount, but you can enjoy a cocktail and an hors d’oeuvre at your table while watching the show. They continue to thrive because music — not just jazz — benefits from a setting in which appreciating excellent music comes first and appreciating excellent food and drink is a close second. Humans are really very simple animals.

With gilded colonnades and sconces left over from its 1920s vaudevillian heyday, plush half-moon booth-seating illuminated by individual electric candles, and a stage backdrop lit by a field of stars, the Triple Door retains a sophisticated ambience. Add some of the best acoustics and sightlines in the city and you have a venue approaching world-class. Then there’s the menu, cribbed liberally from Wild Ginger, the 19-year-old Asian fusion restaurant next door owned by the same people. In fact, the well-known Wild Ginger enabled the Triple Door’s very existence, financially supporting the club until it finally turned a profit last year.

But even with all that what really sets the Triple Door apart is its adventurous programming.