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6 entries from March 2009

Making out in Salt Lake City, UT

My first kiss was a comically odd moment with the Pinto hatchback in the background on a warm summer evening, just back from a date and I figured: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It was pretty good, though in all honesty I had no idea how it should’ve felt. I mean, it was my first time.

The power of observation, I guess

So this morning at IHOP the server asked if I wanted my usual, and I said, uh, what is my usual? and she said eggs over medium and pancakes with link sausage, and I said, how do you know that? I’ve only had that once here and you weren’t my server, and she said, when folks come in two Sundays in a row, they always get the same thing.

It was kinda creepy. But the food was good.

How my workday is going

I just spent several minutes staring at the names of two permissions groups, trying to figure out

  1. why there were two groups with the same name, and
  2. how anyone had MANAGED to save two groups with the same name. When I try that, the system bitch-slaps me.

Turns out one had a hyphen where the other had an underscore.

It is by such simple means that I can be trapped utterly into the world of Must Figure This Out Or It Will Kill Me!!!.

I am an easy mark.

Insomnia blows

I worked late on Wednesday and I have to go in early Thursday. These two simple facts have turned my brain against me and I’m lying here in the soft glow of my phone’s screen, typing a mobile post about how I’m not sleeping right now.

This is a crazy world.