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2600 in 6

Julie Anne’s Christmas tree, 2009Twenty-six strands of lights and the entire ornament collection all in six hours, to the accompaniment of the “Christmas favorites” iTunes playlist and a lovely dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers. Oh, and a brief pause to watch the lighting of the Westlake tree, the Space Needle, and the KING5 broadcast tower atop Queen Anne Hill.

Been a busy day!

Must be the holiday season?

Julie Anne in Baking ModeThis morning we stopped at Starbucks for eggnog lattes and at Target for Christmas lights, candles, and a wreath and hanger.

Now back at Julie Anne’s discussing the particulars of her holiday decorating plans before we retrieve the dozen or so Christmas boxes from her storage unit, all while she’s mixing up a batch of home-made bread and Christmas songs waft from the living room.

Definitely that time of year.

Happy holidays! :-D

nice vibe.

People stream around me
Through the steaming streets and flashing lights
We are the blood inside the veins
That pump the city full of life
I get so mesmerized that I forget to breathe sometimes
We move in sync, we spin around
We step in time
Our feet go
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

“Sympathetic Vibrations” by The Paper Raincoat.

Ah ha, the power was out

Some 6,000 to 7,000 City Light customers on Lower Queen Anne, including portions of the Seattle Center and the Space Needle, went without electricity for 45 minutes early this morning


No wonder my microwave and stereo were doing the


blinkies this morning. Kind of weird to find out about an immediately local event via the newspapers a few hours after it happened, though.

And I suppose it’s a good thing I use my phone as an alarm clock.