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In lieu of original thought, I offer a few links I found interesting as I trolled the news and tech sites this morning.

In no particular order:

Wired.com: Inside Look at Birth of the iPod.

iPoding: AirPort Express dissection.

Opera released version 7.53 of their browser. I like Opera—it's speedy, renders well, complies with standards, blah blah blah—but the ad-supported free version annoys me, and I don't consider it worth $39 to remove those ads. So I typically install it, use it for a day or two, and then it just sits there. I also don't need its built-in IRC, email, and so on, so in fact I have no idea why I bother installing it at all. Especially since I really like Safari.

CNET News.com: Start-ups search for hard-drive replacements. Among the ideas under consideration: "Molten silicon, designer molecules, and protein globules from a cow." (!)

Also CNET News.com: Cell phone glitch throws off GPS. Some Motorola phones affected; possibly a Y2K-like bug.

Salt Lake Tribune: More than 1,000 join search. No sign yet of Lori Hacking, the pregnant jogger who disappeared early yesterday.

And more Salt Lake Tribune: Library user cutting 'bad' words from popular book series. "It seems a library patron has been busy crossing out the 'hells' and 'damns' in books based on the popular 'Murder, She Wrote' TV series and changing them to 'hecks' and 'darns.'"

In a state where one of the most popular expressions is "oh my heck," this doesn't surprise me at all. It's so charmingly... provincial.

CNN.com: Volunteers search for missing pregnant jogger

Lori Hacking
Lori Hacking
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP)—More than 1,200 volunteers Tuesday scoured the steep terrain surrounding a park and canyon in a search for a pregnant woman who apparently vanished while jogging a day earlier.

Lori Kay Hacking, 27, left her Salt Lake home around daybreak Monday to run in the Memory Grove Park and City Creek Canyon area, Detective Dwayne Baird said. After she failed to show up at work later, her husband, Mark Hacking, called police, Baird said.

"I'm just so grateful they are coming to look for her," the woman's mother, Thelma Soares, said as volunteers fanned out along an eight-mile grid in the canyon directly east of the Utah Capitol.

Among the volunteers were relatives of Elizabeth Smart, who was allegedly kidnapped in 2002 by drifters and found with them nine months later in a Salt Lake suburb.

Baird said Lori Hacking was seen by a witness Monday morning when she was stretching near the park; he said her car was found near the front gates of the park.

Police first searched the area Monday using dogs and helicopters; SWAT team members with infrared binoculars were stationed above the canyon Monday night.

Besides being a popular place for runners and cyclers, City Creek Canyon is also home to transients who camp in the brush. Several transients were interviewed Monday as they left the canyon, which has been closed, Baird said.

Mark Hacking also was interviewed by the police in what Baird called routine questioning.

"It's important that he be cleared of any suspicion from the beginning," said his father, Doug Hacking.

Doug Hacking said the couple, married for nearly five years, were not having any marital problems. He said his daughter-in-law had learned Thursday she is five weeks pregnant, and the couple had planned to move next week to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where Mark Hacking is to attend medical school.

The Salt Lake Tribune has an updated story as well, noting Wells Fargo's offer of a $10,000 reward for information leading to Hacking's whereabouts.

This would explain why I've heard helicopters all day. Strangely enough, the couple of times I had my television on to local news, there was no mention of Hacking's disappearance nor of the ongoing search. I find it difficult to believe I managed to tune things out quite that well, even though I do often have the news on just for background noise, as it were.

Stranger still: I live in the Avenues district, and a couple hours ago I drove down B street, which is just one block from City Creek Canyon (Memory Grove is at the south end of the canyon). I saw no signs of unusual activity or anything else out of the ordinary, certainly not groups of searchers or any police cars anywhere. Granted, B Street is a block away from edge of City Creek Canyon, and perhaps the neighborhood search teams just weren't in the area of 9th and 8th Avenues and B Street when I looked toward the west, but I think it's strange I saw nothing of their presence at all.